We have a solution for every project.

Westview is an entertainment, energy and immersive technology solutions firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. We have a unique project process that encompasses all aspects of design and integrates with construction trades to ensure a cohesive, seamless experience. We’re an experienced leader in multi-scope trade work, offering high technology paired with durable, robust solutions. Our team commits to staying actively involved in all phases of every project – from initial design, to integration, installation, and finally, post-project service and support – Westview ensures the final outcome is a flawless execution of the original vision.



Westview was founded in 2004 by Eric Bloom in Denver, Colorado. Since then, the company has evolved greatly over the years to meet the growing demand of its customers. During the early years, the firm supported several Denver-based production companies by providing equipment in addition to skilled riggers and lighting programmers. The increase of performance spaces in Colorado helped Westview transition into the world of construction, building and installing rigging and lighting solutions in new venues and school auditoriums all around the region. 

As Westview steadily grew stronger relationships with manufacturers and vendors, we gained vast experience in commercial lighting control aimed at sustainability and specialty entertainment spaces. We have become a trusted design partner & installer that’s worked with schools, municipalities, corporate campuses, healthcare facilities, sports venues, house of worship, hotels, and all sizes of commercial buildings to provide construction integration solutions with sustainability and innovation at the forefront of the process. 


Now Westview has gained a reputation of excellence having completed hundreds of jobs throughout the country in both new construction and retrofit applications. With global experience in lighting, motion control, audio, AV systems, media, and architectural systems and a diversified staff comprised of experts in their respective fields, Westview is uniquely positioned as a sole service organization that ensures projects continue on schedule and end on budget. 

Success like this doesn’t just happen accidentally, but through continuously evolving and pushing ourselves as individuals to solve any challenge presented to us, and never giving up on innovating exceptional and accessible experiences that enrich the lives of real people.  


Eric Bloom 


Alison Daughters

Vice President

Jacob Bannerman 

Field Service Manager

Jonathan Flenniken 

Project Estimator

Ryan Ponsell 

Sales Engineer

Steve Root

Project Engineer

Ian McMorran 

Project Manager

Mike Strong

Professional Services

Project Manager

Daniel Melvold

Project Manager

Sabrina Hibben

Project Coordinator

Elly Hunt

Sales Coordinator

Jess Garcia

Controls Technician

Makana Aldinger

Controls Technician

Ben Mills

Controls Technician Level II

Will Darden 

Installation Specialist

Drew Dietrich

Installation Technician

Blake Dunn

Installation Technician

Alex Phifer

Marketing Specialist

Cheryl Porter

Office Manager/HR

Eternity Peckman

Administrative Assistant

Debby Jenkins


Bonnie Blagoue

Staff Accountant