Westview OnSite helps customers manage and maintain their systems long after opening day. Westview OnSite offers maintenance programs, staffing solutions, and service plans to help ensure your system continues to function at peak performance.  Minimizing costly downtimes, Westview OnSite provides quick and reliable support for maintenance staff, ongoing software updates. Providing user confidence in the system is our long-term goal, as we start each project not just with a completion date, but with your future in mind.  


Even the most effective systems may at times need an expert eye to keep them functioning at their best. Westview has a team of technicians ready to dispatch to any facility for rigging inspections, trouble shooting, and consultations. Our agility and expertise ensure problems are dealt with quickly and effectively, and our preventative maintenance visits can help to stop problems before they even start.  


A one-stop shop for all your production needs. 

Westview distributes expendables and boxed goods from over 200 different manufacturers. Our highly skilled team trains on all manufacturers’ product lines to be able to ensure the best value for your venue or project.  

Our offering ranges from lighting equipment audio gear digital technology scenic supplies gaff tape and more!


In what areas does Westview work?

Westview works on projects throughout the United States, and internationally. 

I don’t really need full project integration services. Can you just sell me gear?

We can. We sell a variety of expendables to support your facility, including but not limited to, cabling, gaff tape and batteries. 

Can Westview work with me if I have a limited budget for my facility or project?

Yes! Our team can work with any budget to find a solution for your venue or project. 

Is Westview an Electrical Contractor?

In most states, Westview holds a specialty construction contractor’s license. Although we are not electrical contractors, we work in close partnership with them on many of our projects, and we act as mutual resources to one another. 

What types of venues can Westview work on?

  • Westview can work on any non-residential facility or structure. Our exhaustive portfolio includes:  
  • Office Buildings 
  • Elementary, Middle and High Schools 
  • Universities 
  • Professional Theatres & Opera Houses 
  • Government Facilities 
  • Museums 
  • Theme Parks & Roller Coasters 
  • Hotels 
  • Restaurants 
  • …..and more! 

Will Westview help me maintain my system long term?

Absolutely. We have service agreements in place for many of our facilities, and are dedicated to being a long term partner for all of our clients. Even if Westview was not a part of the original installation, we are able to come in after the fact to establish a service agreement to help keep your venue running smoothly.